Mental Health Awareness Week

23rd - 29th September

Mental Heath Awareness Week is run annually by the Mental Health Foundation and has been since 1993. This year we have teamed up with Bree Nicholls, a Corporate Culture & Wellness Expert, Steven Dalgety from The Effect and Leadership Strategist Tui Fleming + MORE!


Mid-afternoon Mojo

Monday 23rd September

3pm – 3:30pm

Auditorium, B:HIVE Building

Tui Fleming is back to take you on a journey of mindful introspection. No psychotherapy, no inner child work, this is for business people who dare to be different. Tui is an advanced meditation teacher and coach who produces wellbeing works for the likes of Kiwibank, CBRE – and now us! See what 20 minutes of guided meditation can do for you to reset your focus and get yo’ mojo back. Tip: the more people in the room, the more powerful the energy and the results, so rally the team and instead of that mid-afternoon choccie bar, head to Woodstock for refreshment of a different kind.


Mental Health Awareness Week Breakfast Panel

Tuesday 24th September

7:30am – 9am

Auditorium, B:HIVE Building

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To mark Mental Health Awareness Week and AIA NZ’s partnership with the Mental Health Foundation, they have invited some inspiring Mental Health advocates to join us for a panel breakfast, moderated by AIA NZ’s Chief Customer Officer, Sharron Botica.

Jess Quinn – AIA Vitality Ambassador
Grant Pritchard – Legal Business Partner and Mental Health Advocate, Spark
Janet McAllister – Senior Policy Analyst, Mental Health Foundation

Join us to hear our panel discuss this year’s Mental Health Awareness Week theme – Explore your Way to Wellbeing. A light breakfast will be provided and we kindly ask you to bring a donation for the Mental Health Foundation.


The Good, The Bad and The Ugly of Wellbeing at Work.

Tuesday 24th September

12pm – 1pm

Auditorium, B:HIVE Building

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Stress is on the rise! Latest research in NZ has shown that stress has increased across our workforce by 23.5%! This is costing organisations around $1500 per employee. Would you like to get these numbers down in your organisation? Reduce stress and increase wellbeing and productivity?

In this short and sweet session we will show you the current state of mental heath in the workplace, reveal the costs to your business and provide you with some options so you can make a real difference to your workforce.


Managing Stress Seminar

Wednesday 25th September

12:30pm – 1:30pm

Auditorium, B:HIVE Building

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Bree’s seminar on Managing Stress will help you to better understand your stress and how to manage it from a healthy perspective, enabling you to live a calm and more productive day to day life.

With our modern, over connected lifestyles, everyday stress is becoming more and more prevalent and normal. We all have multiple roles and therefore multiple demands on us. Rather than becoming overwhelmed and paralysed, or using detrimental ways to escape or pushing down our feelings, this seminar will talk about how we can co-exist with our stress and work with it from a positive, self-aware perspective.

People will come away equipped with a stronger sense of how to take care of themselves in a way that works for them and their lifestyle.


30 Minute Coaching & Counselling Sessions

Thursday 26th September

Glastonbury, B:HIVE Building

All Day

Please register your interest by emailing with your preferred time.


Bree is providing an all-day drop in service where you will have access to one on one coaching with her. She has a background in Advertising Sales, People Management, Health & Wellbeing Coaching and Counselling. Here are some examples of how you can use her sessions:

Business Mentoring
Career Direction
Relationship Questions and Concerns
Family Issues
Stress Management
Health & Wellbeing
Goal Setting