Terracycle – Community Collection Hub

We are super excited to announce that the B:HIVE & Smales Farm has partnered with Terracycle to become a community collection hub, so anyone in the community can now drop off their items to recycle!


Terracycle is a company which partners with brands to recycle everyday items which would usually go to landfill such as, toothbrushes or used pens. We collect the items, send it away to be recycled, and every item earns us a small amount of money to put towards our charity, Harbour Hospice North Shore.


We will be collecting items from three categories outlined below, and I’ve attached images which show what kind of items are accepted in each waste stream.


Oral Hygiene Products:

  • This program is sponsored by Colgate and includes most of the products you used to keep your teeth clean


Writing utensils:

  • This program is sponsored by Bic and accepts the following items from any brand


Food storage products:

  • This program is sponsored by Glad but will accept any clean food storage items shown in the image below


When collecting, each waste stream needs to be kept separate. Once you have a few items you can drop them off to the B:HIVE reception where we will package them up and send them away for a new life!


This program will make a great addition to the completely compostable Goodside packaging, e-waste collection bin, battery recycling and printer cartridge recycling programs we already have in place here at the B:HIVE.