The 360 Heart Stopper Challenge is coming to Smales Farm!

Thursday 4th October, 5pm, Q4

The 360 Heart Stopper Challenge is a simple, fun event where teams challenge themselves all for a good cause. Teams of 4 – 6 people take their turn to plunge into an icy tub of water, chilled to 10 degrees for 360 seconds (6 minutes). The challenge raises awareness, as well as much needed funds for providing lifelong support for those who battle childhood heart defects.

Smales Farm Boss Team
We’re creating a ‘Smales Farm Boss’ Team! We challenge all the ‘bosses’ on Smales Farm to take part! Sign up your CEO, MD or GM to the Smales Farm Boss Team by emailing us at

Make your own team and get involved
We’re also looking for additional teams to get involved in this great event. If you and a few of your colleagues are keen, head to to sign the team up.

What do you need to do?

  • Gather a team of 4-6 adventurous workmates, friends or family members (or join our Heart Stopper Misfits Team if you are going solo).
  • Come up with a team name and create an online fundraising page – it’s super easy!
  • Come along in fancy dress
  • Jump in for just 360 seconds. Oh, and the water is chilled to 10 degrees
  • And don’t forget the nice warm spa you will get to soak in after your dip 😊
  • Check out the photos and video below

About Heart Kids NZ
Each year about 550 open heart surgeries are performed on babies and children in New Zealand. During surgery, a child’s chest cavity can be filled with an icy slush to slow the heart’s oxygen requirement. This gives the surgeon a longer window to operate on these tiny hearts.  This event is our way of honouring these brave little babies, children and teenagers that endure so many surgeries and treatments during their lives.

Every child born with a heart defect is supported along their journey by Heart Kids NZ. But we can’t do this alone, join us to take the plunge and have fun too!

The 360 Heart Stopper Challenge has been going strong for over a decade and happens all around the country and aims to raise essential money to continue our commitment to providing lifelong support for those who battle childhood heart defects. Find out more here

Additional Information
Food and beverages will be available from the team at Good for Now and Crate Kitchen, and DJ Ronni P will have the sounds sorted on the day. It’s also the first week of daylight savings, so come along and join the fun. The event will take place on the grass area in front of the gazebo at Q4 Pavilion – what a way to come out of winter hibernation! Friends, family and colleagues are welcome to come along and witness the fun and support their teams.