The Motherload: Mindfulness for Mums

Monday 17th August

The struggle to juggle is real! As a mum you are wearing multiple hats, your ‘to do’ list is never ending, and there seems to not be enough time for everything. It’s easy to feel stressed, tired and burnt-out. You’re not alone and it doesn’t have to be this way!

In this free lunch-time workshop for mums, you will learn:

– “Mummy brain” – fact or fiction?
– Why you’re mentally exhausted even though you’re getting enough sleep
– How to mentally refuel and recharge with mindfulness
– Time-hacks for mums

This workshop is taught by Dr Missy Wolfman, Clinical Psychologist and owner of Empowermums. She is a mum of twin toddlers, and since their birth has been super passionate about maternal mental health.

Missy offers mindfulness workshops, retreats and individual therapy for mums.

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This event will be in the B:HIVE Seminar Room.

Please register to secure your spot here.