Free Bootcamp

Smales Farm hosts a 6 week FREE lunchtime bootcamp for Smales Farm Residents throughout the year to turn you into a lean, mean, fitness machine! Classes are Monday, Wednesday & Friday from 12pm – 12:30pm.

If you would like to apply for a spot please complete our Online Bootcamp Form here.

2021 Bootcamp Dates

Round 1
Monday 15th Feb – Friday 26th March (6 Weeks)
Round 2
Monday 12th April – Friday 21st May (6 Weeks)
Round 3
Monday 7th June – Friday 16th July (6 Weeks)
Round 4
Monday 2 August – Friday 10 September (6 Weeks)
Round 5
Monday 27 Sept – Friday 5 November (6 Weeks)
Round 6
Monday 15th Nov – Friday 17th Dec (5 Weeks)


Classes & Services

Free 30 Minute Consultation

When you join Smales Farm Fitness you receive a FREE 30 minute personalised consultation with Head Coach Nikita! (Valued at $50). Message or call Nikita on 027 7755 335 to book in!

What’s involved?

Personalised fitness analysis: including a baseline fitness test, range of motion analysis and mobility test

Goal setting and personal needs analysis

Recommendation of suitable solution provided by Victorious Trainin’


Free with Smales Farm Fitness induction (valued at $50.00)

Available for all current members of Smales Farm Fitness to review their goals


Establishes current fitness level, range of motion and mobility

Used as a baseline for progress

Clarifies lifestyle goals

Personalised solution recommended and suitable programme options offered.

Group Fitness Classes

Smales Farm Fitness offers five functional small group fitness classes with variety and suitability for all goals. These classes are designed with busy professionals, like you, in mind! You must belong to Smales Farm Fitness to attend these group fitness classes. They are run Monday – Friday indoors at Smales Farm Fitness. Click the links below for more details on each class.

Want a taste before you commit? Attend your first group fitness class for FREE before you sign up! Contact Head Coach Nikita for booking information. Message or call 027 7755 335 or email


Intro discount – 50% Off all classes!


For 3 months only, from June-August, V-Unlimited Package is only $34.50.

V-FIT CLASS – Available from May – $39 per week for unlimited daily membership

A high-intensity workout that is suitable for all ages and fitness levels! V-Fit is a three in one workout, involving cardio, strength and core to improve fitness and build strength. V-Fit has plenty of bodyweight exercises (with lots of squats, lunges, push-ups and planks) mixed in with kettlebell, dumbbell and TRX training. This class is ideal for busy professionals who enjoy variety in a quick calorie-burning workout. Each class member gets effective coaching supervision with a maximum of 10 members per class for a 30-minute session.

V-FLOW MOBILITY – Available from May – $29 per week for unlimited daily membership

Stretching is important for our mind and body to leave us feeling mobile. V-Flow is a 30-minute mobility class to improve flexibility, daily movement and release muscular tension. Each class will have scalable options for all levels, to help improve posture, increase blood flow for recovery and reduce chances of injury with a maximum of 10 members per class.

V-CORE – Available from June

$29 per week for unlimited daily membership

A strong core is fundamentally important for our body to improve posture, prevent injury and translates into functional strength in all areas of life. V-Core develops core strength, tones glutes and supports back muscles in a challenging workout with bodyweight and resistance training. Each 30-minute workout can be adjusted for all ages and fitness levels. Members get effective coaching supervision, with a maximum of 10 members per class.

V-FUNCTIONAL – Available from July

$49 per week for unlimited daily membership

Functional exercises are translatable to all areas of life to improve fitness, coordination and well-being. V-Functional is a four in one 45 minute workout involving strength training (squats, lunges, pulls and pressing), conditioning, mobility and skill (Olympic weightlifting, strongman/woman and calisthenics/gymnastics) which improves overall functional fitness. These classes are small, with a maximum of 6 members, to ensure each member has close attention with a primary focus on technique at an individualised pace.

V-BOXING – Available from August

$39 per week for unlimited daily membership

V-boxing is a high-intensity workout that packs a punch! This is a 45-minute class adjustable for all ages and fitness levels, involving pad work, bags, weights and interval training for a calorie-burning workout. Each member gets effective coaching supervision with a maximum of 12 members per class.


Normally: $69 per week for unlimited daily membership OR pick any combination of five classes per week for only$49.00 per week.  This combo offers access to all five classes, which run every weekday offering variety, choice, flexibility at a discounted price! Choose your own workout combination or ask your coach for guidance.


Download the MY PT HUB app for Apple and Android and search for Victorious Trainin’ to join a comprehensive online platform where you can:

Manage nutrition

Schedule classes

Book coaching sessions with Nikita

Privately communicate with the Nikita for support and advice

Manage payments for training

Stay accountable and progress can be tracked