Smales Farm Fitness

Get your gym fix 24/7

Creating a healthier workplace is one of Smales Farms core objectives, which is why we established Smales Farm Fitness – a subsidised 24/7 facility that’s located on the ground floor of AIA house and is exclusive to Smales Farm residents. Members have 24-hour secure access to state-of-the-art Life Fitness gym equipment including a variety of cardio equipment, pin loaded machines, free weights and an HD Athletic Rig.

There are two payment options:

Option A – $45.50 a month – Commit to a 6 month term

Option B – $55.50 a month – Flexible, cancel anytime membership

Smales Farm Fitness also offers a FREE Bootcamp for Smales Farm residents across the year. Each camp is six weeks long and runs from 12:30 to 1:15pm Monday, Wednesday and Friday. To register email Also on offer is a range of paid exercise classes and physical training. Click here for details. To find out more or to check out the facilities talk to Cailin on 021 251 3179.

If you wish to join please complete the Membership Agreement Form and email to

Meet the instructors

Whether you’re at peak fitness or you’re just starting out and wouldn’t know a barbell from a dumbbell, we have 4 in-house certified Personal Trainers from Fuse Fit at Smales Farm Fitness who are available to train members.


“Having done a degree in Psychology along with Sports Science I understand that training is not just physical. My love for people and them reaching milestones separates me from most trainers. I know that we are all very different so the same training techniques don’t work on everyone.
I don’t believe in ‘cookie cutter’ approaches. My appreciation for fitness as a whole is the reason Fuse Fit was born as it uses all kinds of training as opposed to just focusing on one.”

Specialises in:
Holistic approach for long term fat loss
Contact Joe on 021 889 666


“Becoming a coach has been the combination of my love for sports, my desire to help people and my passion for fitness. Having worked commercially for two years as a personal trainer, I have developed the knowledge to help people achieve their health goals through coaching them both physically and mentally. Fitness is not only about helping people achieve their goals, it’s also about changing their mindset and making it into a lifestyle.
I am currently pursuing Powerlifting, aiming to break the New Zealand record and one day represent New Zealand.”

Specialises in:
Strength and Conditioning – Improving Squat, Bench and Deadlift.
Contact Femi on 021 203 7458


“I am passionate about training, both myself and others. I specialise in Metabolic and Strength Conditioning/Circuits, which is a high paced, high intensity and explosive style of training. I like to use a lot of Barbell and Kettlebell exercises to improve functional strength in my group training and one-on-one sessions. I’m mainly about the Five F’s in my life which are Faith, Fitness, Family, Friends and Food (in no particular order). Spending quality time with friends, having a laugh, helping people in any ways I can. I really enjoy bringing out the best in others and helping them set out to accomplish something they never thought they could. I love all sports, especially basketball, but generally just anything with a ball!”

Specialises in:
Metabolic Conditioning – Increasing your fitness level, performance and fat loss.
Contact Nik on 027 775 5335


“I realised my passion for movement and the human body after going through an online body transformation training program. This, combined with my love for people, created my passion for coaching. I love the process of getting to know my clients and seeing them achieve, improve and then excel at the things that they never thought they could! I believe that fitness & health is important throughout your entire life, and I focus on transforming my clients from the inside & out.”

Specailises in:
Overall healthy lifestyle and fat loss
Contact Cailin on 021 251 3179