The Present

The future’s in good hands

Still owned by the Smale Family to this day, and now managed by a commercial team of property professionals led by CEO Paul Gunn, 'The Farm' provides a place for community, innovation and business growth. “Aspiring to be the best has required us to really think through what that means,” says Director Greg Smale. “For us, it means building the kind of environment where people actually want to go to work.

It means good design that attends to all the dimensions of the workplace. It means delivering the best to all our stakeholders: the people who work in our buildings, the companies who operate from our buildings, the local community and – in the widest sense – shouldering responsibility as good corporate citizens to make a positive contribution to the economy and country as a whole.”

The Board of Directors now comprises Greg Smale, Chris Smale, Bill Smale and Kerry Hitchcock as the next phase of growth at Smales Farm begins; development of a new space that is lean and efficient in design, connects with the community and inspires its employees.

The Smales Farm development continues towards a target of more than 160,000 sqm of commercial space and an onsite community of over 14,000 people – while contributing significantly to the local region and New Zealand economy.